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Dr Severine Thompson is a highly experienced practitioner psychologist who has worked in education since 1997. Severine is a member of the Summit Psychology Services team, and also works with a neighbouring local authority for part of her week.

Severine is currently driving and leading an area of practice and development to reduce school exclusions. She offers supervision to Mental Health Leads, ELSAs in schools and is an Emotion Coaching Practitioner Trainer. Severine offers Emotion Coaching and attachment training to staff in schools, colleges, and parents and carers.


Severine has a keen interest in SEMH and particularly attachment and trauma. She continues to develop her knowledge and skills in relational care and asssociated approaches. These include 'talking therapies' and play based approaches to enable children, young people, their families, and the people that support them to ‘connect and relate’ with the child or young person.
Severine has trained and is pursuing full certification in Theraplay and Dyadic Developemental  Psychotherapy, bringing this knowledge, skill, and the guiding principles to supporting children, young people, and their families.


Severine intends to further engage with her own research centred around SEMH, and the use of therapeutic approaches as applied in practice within educational communities.

Dr Severine Thompson

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