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Why Do We Need ELSAs in Educational Communities?

More than 10 years of evidence based ELSA research shows that children, young people, educational communities, and families have consistently benefitted from the support provided by ELSAs. At this time, we are acutely aware of some of the difficulties and adversities that children and young people face and may continue to face. Having trained and registered ELSAs means that we can meet the emotional, social, and wellbeing needs of our children and young people from within our own educational communities.

The skills that ELSAs bring are to support children and young people with overcoming life's challenges, to support their wellbeing, to provide relational care, and to help children and young people to develop the skills they need that promote emotional, social, and psychological growth and resilience. Because our children and young people already know the ELSAs in their school, it is easier for them to establish trust, connection, and for us to attune to and respond to their needs.

Why Choose Summit Psychology Services?

Quite simply from years of feedback we are great at what we do, and we care deeply about children and young people. National training and supervision standards are exceeded because we commit to the value that what we teach is applied in practice for the benefit of all children and young people. We are now five years forward, with an experienced and specialist ELSA team and a continuously growing ELSA community of practitioners. In November 2021 we hosted the first ELSA conference in Staffordshire, 'At the Heart of Wellbeing', with acclaimed keynote speakers and are proud that other training providers seek to follow where we led and still lead.

The training and supervision Summit Psychology Services offers is EXCELLENT ELSA training and Supervision. There is an ELSA minimum training standard of five days, and then there is excellence in more specialist training of up to eight days. Excellent ELSA training and supervision is what Summit provides. Quality Marked by the National ELSA Network for two years in a row, you can be certain that not only will you have highly experienced trainers and qualified supervisors, but that training, and supervision has been certified as being of the highest possible national standards. The lead trainer, Dr Dawn Bradley, is also a member of the national ELSA Network steering group and is the regional contact for advising and guiding all other ELSA Network training providers in the West Midlands and the Northwest.

SUMMIT PSYCHOLOGY SERVICES EXCELLENT ELSA TRAINING AND SUPERVISION TEAM are all highly experienced and specialist practitioner psychologists registered with the HCPC. We work directly with educational communities in our role as Child and Educational psychologists, hold additional specialist qualifications and some of the team also practice as psychotherapists. Our knowledge and ability to support your trainee's with a unique blend of applied psychology, psychotherapy, practice experiences and insights are invaluable for CPD throughout training, and beyond. As practitioners and trainees continue with ELSA supervision, it is also good to know that Summit supervisors are also registered as applied practice supervisors with the British Psychological Society.



Summit believes in modelling and practising what we teach. Our training places for each location are therefore purposefully limited so that we get to know you personally. Part of your training is concerned with your own personal and professional development, and your evolution as an ELSA. Learning how to be an ELSA is more than what can be taught in a training day. We therefore believe strongly in, and invest in, interpersonal relationships, team, community, peer development, learning, and peer support. To register to train an EXCELLENT ELSA please click this link

We welcome trainees and registered ELSAs seeking supervision to maintain standards, regardless of the training provider. Please contact us if you would like to know more about how to access Summit ELSA supervision.


Our Core Curriculum Excellent ELSA training is six full training days. The national standard of six compulsory sessions (12 hours per year) of  supervision is included in the cost of £675.00. Additional specialist certified training days are £85.00 for each single day booked in Attachment, Trauma, Relational Care in Education, and Emotion Coaching. The whole Excellent ELSA training and supervision programme of eight full days training and six sessions of supervision is £800.00. This includes training in a dedicated and bespoke training space, all refreshments, training folder, access to an online resource area, and other free of charge benefits.


To gain and retain ELSA registration, and to be able to use the ELSA role title, the National ELSA network states that all ELSAs must maintain supervision after completing training and attend the required six sessions of supervision each year. The current cost is £200.00 per annum per ELSA. Supervision is provided in a professionally boundaried, safe, and dedicated supervisory space.


The Excellent ELSA training provided by Summit psychology is a 6 day nationally accredited and quality marked course that teaches and supports teaching assistants in developing the emotional literacy and overall resiliency of children and young people. Teachers and other SLT with available time to successfully hold the ELSA role in schools have also completed training with Summit Psychology Services and become accredited.

ELSAs are trained to transfer their knowledge and skills to plan and deliver bespoke and individualised programmes of support for an absolute minimum of 4.5 hours each week, for children and young people in their school or setting. A programme of support usually lasts for one half term but can extend to a term.

Delivery of training is purposefully planned to allow trainee Excellent ELSAs the opportunity to apply in practice skills and knowledge acquired from each training day and is therefore not delivered as a block of training. The core training content very broadly covers the following, but for further details of specific curriculum content, please contact us directly.

  • Attachment Aware and Trauma Informed ELSAs

  • Excellent ELSA Good Practice and Standards: Introducing Emotional Literacy to Educational Communities

  • Building Resilience and Self-Esteem: Part 1

  • Building Resilience and Self-Esteem: Part 2

  • Social Inclusion, Feelings, and Friendship Skills

  • Introducing Counselling Skills, Loss, Separation, and Bereavement

  • Therapeutic Story Work, Narratives, and Puppets

  • Emotion Coaching ELSAs

During and After Training ELSAs will be able to:

  • Carry out regular (weekly) sessions with individual children and young people or small groups if this is appropriate.

  • Develop bespoke programmes of support that are matched specifically to the individual needs of children and young people.

  • Monitor interventions using appropriate tools for evaluating the impact and efficacy of the support provided.

  • Share ideas with other staff in the school community about how best to support children and young people.

During and After Training ELSAs will receive:

  • A minimum of six days training including an information pack, resources, and access to additional complimentary resources, webinars, and online training, prepared and hosted by Summit Psychology Services.

  • During training, six sessions of mandatory ELSA supervision approximately every six weeks for a minimum of two hours in small groups with British Psychological Society registered supervisors.

  • After training an ongoing commitment from educational communities to support supervision once every half term. This is a national standards requirement to retain ELSA accreditation at a cost of £200.00 per annum.

  • Peer support from the growing and thriving ELSA community in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent schools.

ELSA support is embedded systemically across educational communities and all ELSAs will need the support and commitment of their settings during and after training.

Please read the following documents before registering an ELSA for training to ensure awareness of the educational community commitment to an ELSA(s)




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Thank you so much for the fantastic training. It has completely changed my outlook. I have learned so much, and reflect so much more on what I say and do.

Dawn is so knowledagable and I love that we stay connected after training.



All of the sessions are packed full of useful information and skills to take away. Thank you for a great course.


I wanted to say thank you for this training. The skills and knowledge our ELSA now has have been invaluable in these difficult times. We are much better equippped to emotionally support our children and at a time when they most need it.



This course was amazing.

Dawn is such an inspiration.

It has already had such a positive impact for our children.


What a brilliant course!

I couldn't wait to come back every month to learn more; and I love supervision, it's so helpful to share ideas and talk



Each one of us in the ELSA community is very much valued. Our strengths are nurtured. Dawn has built the ELSA community through collaboration, encouragement, and an empathic and reassuring group of ELSAs has been formed.


After a year, the impact of having a trained ELSA has been clearly evident. We were so impressed with what our ELSA has learned from the training that we are training another ELSA.



It has had such a positive impact in our school. Everyone should have an ELSA.