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Intelligent Innovation
We Make it Happen

At Summit we love to learn. Research is a main strand of all psychology disciplines and for Applied Educational and Child Psychologists, this forms an essential and critical component of day to day practice.

We have proven skills in both ability and competence for research in real world settings. This includes devising research that is ethical, selecting appropriate research methodologies, data collection, and analysis.
Summit Psychology is in a key position to support and carry out research to evolve an evidence base for educational practice, to inform policy and strategy, to explore new ideas and to evaluate and encourage reflective practice.

Research completed has included adolescent experiences of school exclusion, the gendering of female identity, attachment and trauma informed schools, the Schools Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware (S.T.I.A.A.) Self Evaluation Framework (S.E.F.), and alternatives to psychiatric diagnosis when supporting distress.

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