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We welcome requests for psychological services from educational settinsg to become a service user. There are a set number of sessions available to schools for 2021 - 2022 so please do ensure you request services as soon as possible.

We offer a blended model of service delivery combining virtual and in person support for greater choice and flexibility of service provision. We also have meeting and consultation spaces at Summit where we look forward to welcoming all service users.

If you would like to request services, please complete the request for services form.


Consultation is at the core of all new beginnings and new relationships.  We recognise and value that every educational context and every person within it is unique. For this reason the starting point is always a conversation
which is underpinned by a genuine desire to help you on your journey.
The purpose of the consultation is to understand lived reality, and each person's perspective to begin an exploration of how we can mutually problem solve in a collaborative manner.
The desired outcome of any Summit consultation is that you have identified the next, or initial needed to bring about change.
Summit offers consultation at every level and is very flexible and creative in how consultation can be accessed and utilised. Consultation is provided by both psychologists and our systemic behaviour support practitioner
(south Staffordshire)


Summit psychological assessments are holistic and are situated within the historic, systemic, dynamic, relational and developmental processes that shape a child, young person, family, group or organisation.
Assessments are change oriented and focus on enabling aspirations, as well as identifying needs. Assessments and assessment strategies are varied and include consultation, observation, direct one to one work as needed, information collation from multiple sources and the analysis and synthesis of data.
Assessments are a process and are carried out over a period of time with the ultimate aim being to overcome barriers to learning, progression, inclusion and to ensure positive psychological well-being and personal growth.
Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) assessment services contributing to statutory assessment processes are completed in accordance with the SEND code of practice.



Summit psychology is applied Educational and Child Psychology, offering a wide range of interventions and drawing on an extensive knowledge of psychology.
Formulation for intervention is derived from the knowedge and  insights gained from consultation and assessments identified as being helpful. Intervention is collaborative, solution focussed and change oriented. This may include training, coaching, skill development, policy and systemic change, therapeutic support, multi-agency collaboration and group or individual work. Interventions for children and young people include, but are not limited to all areas of SEND. Intervention planning and implementation is provided by both our psychologists and
systemic behaviour support practitioner
(south Staffordshire)