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Support Group


Confidentiality, compassion, trust, and equality underpin all of our supervisory relationships. The fundamental aim is to support you in your continued professional development through offering and holding space that is respectful, open, and authentic.  We practice what we teach and offer a private, bespoke, and nurturing environment for supervision at 'The Sanctuary', 1 Barracks Square, ST5 1LG and at other locations throughout Staffordshire.

During supervision we reflect on work related practice, developing and embedding new skills and ensuring adherence to ethical guidelines and good practice in the professional areas in which you work. Our accredited supervisors will help you reflect on work related practices, share their knowledge, and support you to develop and embed new skills in your field. We are here to enhance your growth.

Summit offers supervision for psychologists, non psychologists including mental health leads, designated safeguarding officers, play therapists, and Relational Care Teams©. 

To ensure adherence to national standards, the ELSA supervision team of psychologists offer supervision to trainee and registered Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Stafford, and Tamworth.

​Supervisory relationships are ordinarily one to one, but can also be offered as small group supervision, or supportive peer networks (S.P.Ns.) For group supervision we ask for an initial meeting with all group members to explore whether this would work for you. 

For non-psychologists seeking support and CPD, we work with social care, educational communities, their SLT, mental health leads, designated safeguarding leads, and others who are seeking supervisory relationships. 

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