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Coronavirus / Covid 19 Pandemic: Information for Service Users
Psychological support and psychological therapy services are much needed during the Covid-19 pandemic as people are understandably worried and may be experiencing significant anxiety and stress at this time. Our basic human needs may feel threatened as we seek to survive and live through an unprecedented time for humanity that will be written in History. Our compassion, kindness, empathy and support, reflected in how we treat each other, speak of each other and take care of each other, is what matters and is what will be remembered in years to come. Kindness costs nothing to give and is the greatest treasure we can share with each other right now. So above all else, please, remember to be kind to each other. Always.

Summit Psychology Services therefore continues to remain committed to being available to all service users for consultation, support and advice during the current pandemic. Virtual platforms are being used and 'phone support is being provided to stay connected with service users. If you would like to access virtual services, please contact us. If you are a foster carer, or adoptive parent in Staffordshire, or know someone who is, and would like to access FREE virtual support, please email the Virtual School.

Information about Covid-19 is constantly changing and as such this page will be updated to reflect important developments. Please check back to see if there are changes that may affect you or the service(s) provided.
In the interim, please click on the images to access free resources and information to help you, your families, children, young people, and professionals manage the many areas of life that for now, are different. With the very best of wishes, Be Well. Dr Dawn Bradley.

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