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Tracie Ward

Tracie Ward is a highly experienced practitioner who has worked in education for many years. Tracie is a member of the Summit Psychology Services team who works mainly with educational communities in the primary sector in the south of Staffordshire.

Tracie’s work is systemic and child-focused. It is a based on collaborative partnerships with schools and families to develop intrapersonal, interpersonal, and material resources to mediate adverse experiences which support inclusion.

Through consultation, Tracie provides bespoke, child-focused support for schools and families where behavioural challenges may present as inhibiting inclusion in a mainstream setting. Tracie works systemically with families, schools, and all other agencies supporting the child.  


The support Tracie offers may include:

  • Family sessions

  • Home or school observations (includes detailed feedback regarding applying in practice and amending strategies tailored to specific needs) 

  • Support for school staff; sharing knowledge and applied practice

  • Support for SEND staff; early intervention, inclusion, onward referrals, Team Around the Family, Child in Need, and Child Protection meetings

  • Tailored workshops to share and develop knowledge

  • Delivery of the 6-week Healing Together program (groups of up to 6 children)

The Summit Team offer networking events and support, peer support sessions for families, and which Tracie is actively engaged with. 

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