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SUMMIT PSYCHOLOGY SERVICE'S main office, therapy, and training rooms are based at 15 High Street in the heart of the historic market town of Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

As specialist HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologists, therapists, and our systemic support consultant, we are centrally concerned with the development, inclusion, recovery, growth, and wellbeing of children and young people.

Our Child and Educational psychologists are highly skilled, specialising in working with relational care needs in education, adversity, attachment and trauma.

Our therapists are very supportive and experienced, accredited to work with trauma and adversity through EMDR Therapy, Play Therapy, and Life Story Work with children and young people.

Summit are accredited and quality assured trainers for the international ELSA (emotional literacy support assistants) programme for schools, practitioner trainers of Emotion Coaching (UK), and regularly provide CPD approved attachment and trauma training to a wide range of audiences.

Dr Dawn Bradley works and collaborates with Geese Theatre, who are experts in the use of theatre and drama in criminal justice and social welfare settings. The Getting Connected in Education is an unforgettable fusion of an art form that bridges and brings theatre and theory together.



In many world traditions, the Universe is often symbolised as a mountain.

The quest for the summit in many world stories is an important human endeavour where great qualities of perseverance and courage are needed. A journey that often needs harmonious teamwork, productivity, and the teachings of skills to prepare us for the paths ahead.

When we work diligently and tirelessly together and arrive at our zenith, the experience empowers us. We learn something of each other, of our strengths, of our own unique potential, and when we crest the next summit we have learnt that we are more resourceful and more resilient than perhaps we believed we could be. 

As people, we seek to find where we 'fit' in the world. We make meaning of our experiences together and our experiences reveal a map of the potential of what we may become. We are all interdependent. When we work together with a common focus and help each other strive, we too grow and thrive.

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