SUMMIT PSYCHOLOGY SERVICES offers a wide range of professional child and educational psychology for 0 - 25 year olds. We work with schools, educational communities, alternative providers, parents, and professionals who also support children, young people, families, carers, and adoptive parents. The Psychology Summit offers is extensive, covering mainstream, independent, and specialist sectors.


As HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologists, we apply psychology to guide, support, teach, and collaborate with others. This includes the areas of Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Sensory and Physical Needs, Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Needs. We are able to provide holistic assesments and SEND support and planning services as per the SEND Code of Practice.

For professionals, we additionally offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD), training, consultation, systemic work, organisational change, research, and development. Summit are accredited and quality assured trainers for the international ELSA (emotional literacy support assistants) programme, practitioner trainers of Emotion Coaching (UK), and provide CPD approved national attachment and trauma training which has been attended by over 1,000 delegates. Summit researched, developed, and provides and delivers the Staffordshire Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware Self Evaluation Framework for schools, and offers and provides clinical supervision for professionals who journey with children and young people aged 0 - 25 years.

SUMMIT PSYCHOLOGY is dedicated to inclusion, equity, and equality. It is aspirational and is built on the strongest of beliefs that every child and young person can attain and develop the skills they need  to accomplish what they desire to achieve. The growth, well being, and happiness of children and young people is at the heart of what we do.


We can all lose our way sometimes and find we need the help of others. Summit is dedicated to solutions, to helping people find a new path and most importantly, to enable children, young people, and the adults who support them to develop their own skills, their  own resilience, realise their own knowledge and release their true potential.


In many world traditions, the Universe is often symbolised as a mountain.

The quest for the summit in many world stories is an important human endeavour where great qualities of perseverance and courage are needed. A journey that often needs harmonious teamwork, productivity, and the teachings of skills to prepare us for the paths ahead.

When we work diligently and tirelessly together and arrive at our zenith, the experience empowers us. We learn something of each other, of our strengths, of our own unique potential, and when we crest the next summit we have learnt that we are more resourceful and more resilient than perhaps we believed we could be. 

As people, we seek to find where we 'fit' in the world. We make meaning of our experiences together and our experiences reveal a map of the potential of what we may become. We are all interdependent. When we work together with a common focus and help each other strive, we too grow and thrive.


HCPC Registered - Chartered Psychologist

SUMMIT PSYCHOLOGY SERVICES was established in 2017 by Dr Dawn Bradley, who has worked in education since 1998. Originally a secondary school teacher of English, Drama, and Child Development, Dawn went on to teach young men in the Prison Service before training as a Child and Educational Psychologist in 2006. She joined two local authority Educational Psychology Services and provided support to children, young people, families, and schools, holding this role for nine years in total.

In her career Dr Dawn has developed specialist skills in relational care, attachment and trauma, the needs of looked after children, and how educational communities can support the social, emotional, and well-being needs of children and young people.

Dawn is strong advocate for change and has researched and developed many training programmes to support educational communities to become agents of change in the lives of children and young people. She is an advisory psychologist for ARC (Attachment Research Community), a registered training provider for the ELSA programme, a member of the national ELSA steering committee, an Emotion Coach, and regularly offers training in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's), Schools as a Safe Base, and Relational Care in Education: Advanced Attachment and Trauma Training.

Dr Dawn Bradley is a HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologist and is also a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol). This is a professional status awarded by the British Psychological Society as a benchmark of professional recognition for psychologists, reflecting the highest standards of psychological knowledge and expertise. Dawn is also an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. This is awarded in recognition of experience and contribution to the field of psychology. This is also a mark of competence and reputation of psychological knowledge within the field of psychology.

Dr Dawn is published and regularly engages with applied research and development. Her most recent body of work was the 'Staffordshire Trauma Informed and Attachment Aware Self-Evaluation Framework for Educational Settings'. She is also published in the British Psychological Society textbook, 'Critical Educational Psychology', contributing the chapter 'Gender, Non-normativity and Young Women who have Been Excluded'. Dawn has spoken on the subject of gender and young women's experiences of exclusion at both international and national level, and this remains a strong area of interest and research.

Dawn is passionate about learning and helping others through the application of psychology. To this end, she is a registered supervisor and offers supervision to both psychologists and non-psychologists. Dr Dawn Bradley is registered with the British Psychological Society on the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS), an accreditation provided to psychologists with specialist expertise in supervision.

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