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We welcome Educational Psychology requests for specialist social, emotional, and mental health needs, ASC, attachment, trauma, wellbeing, and complex needs. Our offer is a blended model of service delivery combining virtual and in person support for greater choice and flexibility of service provision. We also have meeting and consultation spaces at Summit where we welcome all service users.

If you would like to request Educational Psychology services, please email and request a school services form. There are a limited number of sessions available each year to schools so please do ensure you request services as soon as possible.


Consultation is at the core of all new beginnings and new relationships.  We recognise and value that every educational context and every person within it is unique. For this reason the starting point is always a collaborative consultation which is underpinned by a genuine desire to help you on your journey in providing support to children and young people.
The purpose of the consultation is to understand lived reality, and each person's perspective to explore how we can mutually problem solve and work together in the best interests of the child, young person, their inclusion, wellbeing, and educational outcomes. 




Summit psychology applies evidence based psychology to support children and young people in educational communities. 

Formulation for intervention is derived from the knowledge and  insights gained from consultation and assessments which may be identified as being helpful.

Intervention and support planning is collaborative, solution focussed and change oriented. This may include training, coaching, skill development, policy and systemic change, therapeutic support, multi-agency collaboration and group or individual work.

Interventions for children and young people include, but are not limited to all areas of SEND.