“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”   — Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

SUMMIT PSYCHOLOGY offers a wide range of training experiences for educational communities, as well as consultation, systemic work, oganisational change, holistic assesments, SEND support and planning interventions, research and development, and supervision for professionals who journey with children and young people in the contexts of education, social care and health.

SUMMIT PSYCHOLOGY is dedicated to inclusion, equity, and equality.

Summit is Aspirational

and is built on the strongest of beliefs that every child and young person can attain and develop the skills they need  to accomplish what they desire to achieve.


There are sometimes no maps to guide us, especially when the context and territory is unchartered. At Summit it is believed that people, teachers, schools, communities and organisations who support and at differing times, help to map such journeys, can make a truly positive difference to the lives of the children, young people and families we each have the pleasure of walking with.


The Psychology Summit offers is extensive, covering mainstream, independant and specialist sectors relating to teaching and learning, behaviour, development and emotional and psychological well being. Work is carried out with, or for children and young people aged 0-25 years, parents and carers, educational establishments, education management, as well as a wide range of agencies, such as social work services and health.


We can all lose our way sometimes and find we need the help of others. Summit is dedicated to solutions, to helping people find a new path and most importantly, to enable children, young people and the adults who support them to develop their own skills, their  own resilience, realise their own knowledge and release their true potential.


The SUMMIT approach is collaborative, child centred, holistic and based on authentic relationships.


In many world traditions, the Universe is often symbolised as a mountain.

The quest for the summit in many world stories is an important human endeavour where great qualities of perseverance and courage are needed. A journey that often needs harmonious teamwork, productivity, and the teachings of others to prepare us for the paths ahead.

When we work diligently and tirelessly together and arrive at our zenith, the experience empowers us. We learn something of each other, of our strengths, of our true potential and when we crest the next summit we have learnt that we are more resourceful and more resilient than perhaps we ever dared to dream we could be. 

As people, we seek to find where we 'fit' in the world. We make meaning of our experiences and our experiences map what we may become. We are all interdependent. When we work together with a common focus and help each other strive, we too grow and thrive.


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